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Complimentary Charlie’s Detergent

Clean is committed to the environment. Our wastewater treatment facilities cannot remove carcinogens such as Dioxane; a by-product created from the vast majority of laundry soap.  Our washers, engineered for hospitals, are not compatible with residential soaps.  As a sign of our dedication to the environment, and to your clothing investment and health, Complimentary Charlie’s detergent is our commitment with every wash.

Charlie’s has been third party tested to be of the highest quality and safest laundry detergent on the market with the most superior results. Charlies is Biodegradable, hypoallergenic and petrochemical and Dioxane free. Alternative safe laundry detergent options can be found behind our counter, along with a list of third party tested safe options you can purchase at most grocery stores. We will always help you find a compatible soap that meets your expectations that is safe for both you and the environment. That is our Clean Commitment to you.

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