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Welcome To The Clean Community

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Our Clean Community

We are excited for the future launch of our Clean Community, which will be here very soon! Join our Community to help shape our opportunities and commitments now! We envision River Clean Up events, sleeping bag drives, our Clean Coffee fundraiser, and other great ideas in between. We hope to build a community large enough to sponsor all kinds of unique community volunteer opportunities. We look forward to hearing about your passion projects and how our Clean Community can participate.

Clean has a unique global opportunity, with your support, to be the very first laundromat using only sustainable, petrochemical free, dioxin and toxin free, hypoallergenic laundry products. Our commitment ensures our customers, community members and employees will breathe clean air inside and outside our laundromat! We are on a mission to eliminate toxic chemicals from the laundry experience. We expect to save over 1 million gallons of water in our first year here at Clean, thanks to our Electrolux Professional series washers. Our washers weigh your load ensuring the right amount of water is used. Together with our soap commitment, we hope our Clean Community will join us this December in a community photo as we submit our commitment globally with the results including a massive reductions in not only toxic chemicals but also wasteful laundry packaging. Join us to show your support in protecting our rivers, watersheds and drinking water in here at home. We welcome your involvement in our Clean Community! Be a part of the change.

Complimentary use of our wool dryer balls with each dry

Enjoy complimentary use of our wool dryer balls with each dry.  These naturally reduce static, soften clothes and speed up dry time. We offer a vari ...

Only washers in the world to offer a sanitize feature

Clean is committed to…. CLEAN! Our Electrolux Professional 450 G-force washers are the only washers in the world to offer a sanitize feature, whic ...

Complimentary Charlie’s Detergent

Clean is committed to the environment. Our wastewater treatment facilities cannot remove carcinogens such as Dioxane; a by-product created from the va ...

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