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Clean Commitment

Relax on the balcony at Clean Eugene laundromat

Your Time

Sit back, relax and enjoy the most energy efficient professional laundry experience in Eugene.  That is our Clean commitment to you! With speeds of 450-G force, our professional washers extract up to 70% more water than traditional commercial laundry equipment.  Depending on the size of the washer, up to 40lbs more water is removed from your clothes in our washers!

That means, paired with our professional dryers that include Reversing, Moisture Sensing AND Air Flow Technology; you receive the highest quality wash and dry in 45 minutes!

Quarters will always be for laundry; but at Clean you can pay however you dare!  Credit/debit card, Fascard app, Loyalty card (earn points toward free wash) and always the quarter.   We have a dual hopper changer with a dime and nickel to quarter acceptor too!  Ask a Clean Crew team member about how to budget your laundry for the month with our payment app or loyalty card.  We make it easy to be Clean!

45 minutes washed AND dried is pretty darned fast, if you ask us.  In case you have some work to do or maybe some shopping or browsing, don’t despair- we offer complimentary WiFi  for each and every customer.

Free Charlie's laundry soap with every wash at Clean Eugene

Our Environment

Clean is committed to the environment. Our wastewater treatment facilities cannot remove carcinogens such as Dioxane; a by-product created from the vast majority of laundry soap.  Our washers, engineered for hospitals, are not compatible with residential high sudsing soaps.

As a sign of our dedication to the environment, and to your clothing investment and health, Complimentary Charlie’s detergent is our commitment with every wash. You read that right, we pay for the soap every time!  No need to go to the store to buy, lug home and drag back to the mat.  We make it easy.

Charlie’s soap has been third-party tested to be of the highest quality and safest laundry detergent on the market with the most superior results. Charlies is Biodegradable, hypoallergenic and petrochemical and Dioxane free. Read more about this product at

If you try Charlies and find it isn’t a perfect fit; alternative safe laundry detergent options are available from any Clean Crew member, along with a list of third-party tested safe and effective options you can purchase at most grocery stores.

We will always help you find a compatible soap that meets your expectations that is safe for both you and the environment. That is our Clean Commitment to you.

Free wool dryer balls reduce static and soften clothes

Your Clothing

Some of your linen and clothing investments can be considerable.  We are committed to taking special care of your specialty items.  We have Specialty Cycles installed in our washers that include; Delicate Cold/Warm, Wool, Active Wear, Down, Sleeping bags, Comforters and our Special Heavy Soil Wash that now includes a soak cycle.

Our commitment includes the special care of your clothing/linen investment.  Occasionally items are brought in that are not compatible with our equipment. To protect both investments, there may be items we respectfully must decline being washed at Clean.

Enjoy complimentary use of our wool dryer balls with each dry.  These naturally reduce static, soften clothes and speed up dry time. We offer a variety of essential oil scents added to gently scent your clothing without any nasty residue or petrochemicals.

Free sanitizing rinse with our Electrolux washers

Your Health

Clean is committed to…. CLEAN! Our Electrolux Professional 450 G-force washers are the only washers in the world to offer a sanitize feature, which we offer complimentary to you. The Clean commitment includes sanitizing door handles, folding tables and laundry carts several times daily. Our restrooms are checked, restocked and cleaned with each shift. Our Clean Crew is busy cleaning all day, every day to ensure our facility will always be the Cleanest in Eugene.

A unique and important way we protect your health at Clean is with our Wash Here to Dry Here policy.  By ensuring that all items are washed in our hospital grade washers prior to entering the dryer, we can guarantee the highest quality and safest wash in Lane County. Nothing is more frustrating than having to rewash your clothes because a customer before you was able to dry soiled clothing.  You don’t have to worry about this at Clean.  We work diligently to ensure all items that enter Clean have been washed at Clean immediately prior to drying.  This is another way we protect your clothing and your health. We are proud to implement this safe and sound policy and we are happy this policy is consistently a customer favorite and thankful for the positive feedback.

Our commitment to a clean and comfortable restroom for customer use only adds to our overall superior service commitment.

Your Safety

Our commitment to your safety includes a surveillance system, our outstanding Clean Crew on site during all business hours, patrol services throughout the day and security to lock and alarm the facility at night and in the morning.

Special laundry circumstances require special attention.  If you find that you have exceedingly soiled laundry including but not limited to excrement (including baby diapers), petroleum, gasoline, ammonia, pesticides, herbicides or any chemical by-product, anything flammable or exceedingly odiferous, bed bugs or lice; please reach out to us for suggestions about how to properly and safely launder.  Our Clean Commitment to our customers is to ensure they have the highest level of Clean each and every time they wash here, and as such, it is our commitment not to process special laundry in our facility as those items would require a special process that we do not employ.

Balcony and comfortable seating with natural finishes at Clean Eugene

Customer Service

Clean is committed to superior customer service.  If we have exceeded your expectation, we appreciate your review on Google or Yelp.  If we have fallen short in any way, please email us at  It is our sincere wish to always deliver more than expected. We appreciate the opportunity to meet your expectations.

Welcome to our Clean Community!